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Terms and Conditions

By using this site or by sending an application, passport or other documents to Airborne Visa Services, you acknowledge and accept the below Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to that Airborne Visa Services is not liable for any action or Inaction of any government body or for the performance of any third party delivery company and that Airborne Visa Services’ liability is limited strictly as set forth below. From time to time, Airborne Visa Services may modify these Terms & Conditions. Please continue to review this agreement whenever accessing or using this site.

Payments and fees:

You agree to pay all fees and charges for any products or services offered for sale by Airborne Visa Services or by any other vendor or service provider through Airbornevisa.com. You agree to pay all applicable taxes and shipping charges relating to the purchase of any other products or services. You agree that your Credit Card /Debit card would be billed upon your confirmation of service and after online verification takes place.

Refund Policy:

In the event you wish to cancel the service, you may be eligible for a refund.

Cancellation of visa request within 24 hours after making the payment, bank charges will be deducted @ 5% or the total billed amount.

Cancellation of visa and request more than 24 hours after making the payment, or should you withdraw you application prior to the submission to Embassy/Consulate: 100% of the Embassy/Consular fee would be refunded back. There would be a deduction of 50% on our service fees.

In the event of Visa Application could not be processed after checking of documents/appointments taken, (e.g. Extra documents could not be provided, plan is cancelled), only Embassy fees will be refunded. There would be no refund of the Service fee.

Rejection/Cancellation of visa or withdrawal of Application after the submission at the Embassy/Consulate, no fees will be refunded.

Airborne Visa Services does its best to correctly describe all services that appear on the website. Airborne Visa Services does not warrant that all the statements, descriptions and definitions are most current, complete, accurate, and error free.

E-visas are non-refundable.

Service Description: Airborne Visa Services offers application of visa and only to Indian Resident. Airborne Visa Services is unable to assist travellers making visa requests from any other country abroad.

Airborne Visa Services does its best to correctly describe all services that appear on the website. Airborne Visa Services does not warrant that all the statements, descriptions and definitions are most current, complete, accurate, and error free.

Requirements, visa application forms, fees and time related to the processing of visas are subject to change. Consulates often change their requirements, visa forms, fees and processing times without prior warning and changes can take effect immediately. In an event, shall any description of service or any information on our site become out dated or inaccurate, Airborne Visa Services will not responsible for any and all inaccuracies or mistakes in service descriptions, prices, processing times, processing dates, and other information provided on the Airborne Visa website.

Processing time for visas quoted by Airborne Visa are approximations based on our experience with Embassies and Consulates in usual circumstances, and is deemed reliable in most cases but is not guaranteed.

Airborne Visa Services reserves the right in all instances to substitute replacement of the documents that had been in Airborne Visa Services’ care and control in lieu of payment.

Airborne Visa Services will not be liable for any damages, costs and expenses from any cause or fault whatsoever, and Including but not limited to liability for travel interruption, changes in travel or prevention or limitation of travel and resulting costs and expenses, whether such damages, costs or expenses be incidental, special, consequential, exemplary or otherwise, and including but not limited to loss of income or profits, regardless of circumstances, whether or not Airborne Visa Services had knowledge that such damages might be incurred and whether or not Airborne Visa Services may be, or may be responsible for, a contributing cause.

Airborne Visa will not be held responsible for any delays, cancellations, financial and other losses due to denial/refusal of Visa or delay in processing. Airborne Visa reserves the right to decline processing of documents for any reason, including but not limited to incomplete documentation, insufficient processing time, and degree of difficulty in procuring the required documents due to purpose of travel or unusual circumstances.

Airborne Visa Services will not be responsible in any respect or for any amount for loss, damage or delay caused by events that we cannot or do not control, including but not limited to acts of God, weather conditions, acts of public enemies, war, strikes, civil commotions, or acts, delays or omissions of public authorities (including embassy and consular officials).

Embassy and Consular officials may request additional documentation at their discretion and in declining issuance of travel documents may not in some instances disclose the reason for denial of a visa or passport.

Non-refundable airline tickets or reservations and or Non – refundable hotel bookings or reservations should not be purchased until all visas and passports are secured and in your possession.

By using this site and our services you give Airborne Visa Services your express permission and consent to contact you via email, messaging, or other electronic or non-electronic forms of communication for all purposes including distribution of marketing and promotional materials.

You shall indemnify and hold harmless, and defend at your own expense Airborne Visa Services, its officers, directors, agents, and employees from and against all suits, claims, demands and liability of any nature or kind, including costs and expenses arising out of acts of violation of these Terms & Conditions by you, your employees, agents, sub-contractors, or anyone using your computer/User ID. This requirement shall extend to claims or liabilities of any third parties arising out of the use of any patented or copyrighted information or for any other reason. You agree to pay any and all costs, damages and expenses, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys' fees and costs awarded against or otherwise incurred by or in connection with or arising from any claim, suit and/or action or proceeding attributable to any such action.

This web site may contain links to third-party Web sites. These links are provided exclusively for information purposes and to assist in locating other relevant Internet resources. Airborne Visa Services is not responsible for the content, accuracy of information, expressed opinions or statements, of any third-party sites linked to us or any links contained in a linked site.


While every effort is made to provide accurate information, travel visa and passport requirements are constantly changing and there may be a delay before we are advised of such changes. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee complete accuracy at all times. Processing times and charges given are solely for guidance purposes and cannot be guaranteed. Where ‘no’ travel visa is indicated, we recommend this information be confirmed by the carrier and the relevant Embassy or Consulate. Airborne Visa Services recommends that travel visas be obtained before travel. Where information for travel visas upon arrival are given, we always recommend confirmation of this information with the Airline and Embassy/Consulate or High Commission prior to travel. Travel arrangements should not be confirmed prior to the visa or passport being issued, unless they are a specifically required for that Embassy/Consulate.



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